Office: 120 Marks Street, Box# 1330 Atikokan / ON P0T 1C0

State of Emergency Declared by the Town of Atikokan Following Mercury Avenue Culvert Failure

In response to a significant incident, the Town of Atikokan has declared a state of emergency following the failure of a large structural culvert, resulting in the washout of a 15m (50 foot) section of Mercury Avenue and subsequent closure. This declaration empowers the municipality to take swift and decisive action to protect public safety and allocate the necessary resources to address the situation.

The culvert failure has caused a substantial portion of the road above it to collapse and wash into the Atikokan River. Consequently, Mercury Avenue is currently closed. Public safety remains the utmost priority throughout this situation. It is crucial for citizens to respect the road closure and refrain from attempting to cross the barricades to the area, as doing so poses significant safety risks.

Further to the washout of Mercury Avenue, this section of road contained a main water line, which was disrupted during the incident resulting in a loss of water pressure across the Town. Public Works crews worked swiftly to address this issue and restore water pressure, however due to the disruption in water distribution, a Boil Water Advisory has been issued for the entire Town of Atikokan until further notice.

The Town of Atikokan appreciates the understanding, cooperation, and resilience of the community during this challenging time. The declaration of the state of emergency signifies a unified commitment by municipal and provincial agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors affected by this incident.