Office: 120 Marks Street, Box# 1330 Atikokan / ON P0T 1C0

Many licences and permits that citizens require are issued by the Town of Atikokan.

Marriage Licence

The Clerk’s Department is responsible for issuing marriage licences. A marriage licence is the first step in getting married, and is what you sign at your wedding in the presence of an officiant. The Town of Atikokan does not perform civil marriage ceremonies or issue marriage certificates. This license is only valid in the province of Ontario for a period of 90 days after issue.

How to get a marriage license:

​​​​​1. Contact the Clerk’s Department to make an appointment to obtain your marriage licence.
2. Complete the Marriage License Application form, which can be downloaded from the Province of Ontario’s website here.
3. Before you arrive at Town Hall for your license appointment, please ensure you bring the required documentation: (two pieces of ID from each applicant, a completed and signed application form, documentation supporting a prior divorce – please see below)

4. After your license is completed, pay the fee. Debit, cash or cheque are accepted at Town Hall.

You must schedule an appointment with the Clerk or Deputy Clerk to obtain a license. To ensure availability, please do not come to Town Hall for a license without making arrangements with the Clerk or Deputy Clerk first. In Ontario, there are no residency or citizenship requirements or blood tests and medical certificates requirements in order to obtain a marriage license. However, you will be required to certify information under oath. Bring an interpreter to assist you if you do not understand or are not able to read English.

If you have been married before, you must bring with you one of the following with your marriage license application:

  • Original certificate of Divorce
  • Decree Absolute, or a;
  • Court-certified true copy of either document.

If your previous marriage was annulled or dissolved outside of Canada, you must get permission from the Office of the Registrar General before we can issue you a marriage license.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact the Clerk’s Department.

Freedom of Information Requests

The Town of Atikokan follows the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Under the Act, the Town is required to make information public and be as open and transparent as possible, while also protecting personal information.
Some information is availiable without the Freedom of Information (FOI) process, your first step in searching for information should be to contact the Clerk’s Department to determine if an FOI request if necessary.
If an FOI request is necessary, please complete the Request for Information Form and submit it to the Atikokan Municipal Office. A $5 fee is due upon submission.

Lottery Licences

You can apply for license to conduct a lottery in the Town of Atikokan if you belong to an organized charity or non-profit in Ontario that fits within the four charitable classifications eligible for a licence, as defined by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The AGCO regulates lottery licenses in Ontario, and the Town of Atikokan Clerk’s Department is responsible for enforcing these policies in the issuance of lottery licenses.
If your organization has not received a lottery license from the Town of Atikokan before, you may be subject to an eligibility review. Any organization that is issued a lottery licence must follow the Lottery Licence Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions specific to their lottery scheme. If you are considering conducting a lottery, you must first contact the Clerk’s Department.

Raffle Licence Terms and Conditions


Building Permits

A building permit is a license which grants legal permission to start construction of a building project. Building permits are issued by the Chief Building Official. For more information please click here.

Burning Permits

Any open air fires – including bonfires, firepits and brush burning- within the Town of Atikokan require a burn permit issued by the Fire Chief or his Designee. For more information please click here.

Dog/Cat Licences

Every owner of a dog or cat must register their pet with the Municipality before February 1st of each year or within 8 weeks of the time he/she becomes the owner of a dog/cat. Altered, microchipped pets receive a lifetime licence, all other licences must be renewed annually. To register your pet, please visit the Atikokan Municipal Office. Documentation of spay/neuter and microchip number are required (if applicable). Licensing fees may apply.

Business Licences

The Town of Atikokan currently does not require permits to operate a business in the Town of Atikokan.

Accessible Format Requests

The Town of Atikokan is committed to ensuring Municipal programs and services are accessible, while identifying and removing any barriers. To request an alternate format of any document or record referenced on this website or otherwise made available by the Town of Atikokan, please complete the below Alternate Format Request Form.

Alternate Format Request Form (AODA)