Office: 120 Marks Street, Box# 1330 Atikokan / ON P0T 1C0

The Town of Atikokan’s Fire and Emergency Services Departments work diligently to keep our community safe. We have an emergency plan in place to protect the property, health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the Town of Atikokan in emergencies.

The Fire Chief is the Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC) for the Town of Atikokan and is responsible and accountable for the development and implementation of the Town’s emergency management program in accordance with Provincial Regulations. All emergency operations shall be directed and controlled by the Emergency Control Group (ECG)

If you require the Town of Atikokan’s Emergency Plan in an accessible format or would like more information on how the Town responds to emergencies, please contact the Fire Chief/CEMC or visit the Atikokan Municipal Office.

Town of Atikokan Emergency Plan

Emergency Evacuation Zones

Voyent Alert Portal

The Town of Atikokan has partnered with Voyent Alert! Notification Service to keep citizens informed during emergencies and during urgent municipal operations that affect residents. The service is FREE, easy to use, and is 100% managed by the Town’s Emergency Services Department.
Residents can register to receive Voyent Alerts via smartphone app, text, email or voicemail here.

To view current community alerts, visit the Voyent alert portal.

Emergency Preparedness

Is your family prepared for an emergency? Learn how you can reduce your risk, by creating an Emergency Preparedness Plan. If you or a relative have a disability, view the Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities/Special Needs. This guide provides advice on how to develop a family emergency response plan and emergency survival kit to address those needs.

Following the Town of Atikokan’s communication strategy, any emergency notices will be posted on the community tv channel (Shaw Channel 10), our website, Atikokan emergency radio (CKAX 91.1 FM), as well as our social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.